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Anxiety Can Look Like..

I'm an ambitious and professional person, who's passionate about finding success in my life. But sometimes I struggle to define what success looks like for me.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to meet everyone's expectations plus my own. Sometimes I find unhealthy ways to escape or create a sense of control. I'm at a place where I just want to take back control of my life".

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 Figuring out the next steps in your career is challenging...

  • Right now, you are at a breaking point in your career. 

  • You are unsure whether it would be a smart move to quit. Yet you are overlooked, undervalued, and are not taken seriously at your job. You feel that no matter how hard you work, it is never enough for your boss. 

  • Or you feel stuck about deciding to quit your job and go full-time in your side business.  

  • Maybe, you’re considering doing your full-time job and a side hustle, however, you’re feeling the stress of trying to maintain both with limited time. 


Whether you are working in a toxic job where you are overworked and disrespected, you are looking to take a scary new leap on a business venture, or you are wondering whether to quit or keep your job, getting career support may help. Often my clients are people who work full-time and are not valued or have employers that cross their boundaries and would thrive better in a different environment. Or they are women who despite having the skills, are struggling to take a leap on a new business. Others are experiencing imposter syndrome and they are wondering if they have done enough to make it on their own. Often these people are holding on to their full-time job while doing their part-time one. Some of these women are passionate about something, but they do not know if the finances are there.  

These are all valid concerns that play into making decisions on your next steps, but they should not hold you back from fully developing in your career. That is why I am here to help you. I work with career professionals, employed entrepreneurs, and business owners, who are navigating new business opportunities, promotions, setting boundaries, workplace discrimination, and imposter syndrome among other issues. I am here to help provide perspective and guidance. After all, you have a unique perspective in life, and I am here to help you empower yourself. 

Black woman smiling and writing | Beautiful black woman smiling | career support for professionals and entrepreneurs in houston, tx | career counseling for adults | individual therapy | therapy for women | business coaching | houston, tx 77027 | Dallas, TX 75226 | San Antonio 78201
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Reasons Professionals and Entrepreneur's Come into Individual Therapy? 

Women come into therapy for professionals and entrepreneurs for many reasons. Here are some of the common reasons I see individuals

  • Individuals are experiencing excessive dread going to work every day. 

  • You are actively avoiding certain people at work daily. 

  • Isolation at work Is increasing (I.e., eating lunch alone now) 

  • You would rather keep your head down, than deal with problems at work 

  • At work, you do not voice your opinions for fear of being ignored or people misunderstanding you. 

  • You cry during work or after often. 

  • Work makes you so sad, that you have lost interest in your hobbies. 

  • You experience racing thoughts and fast heart beating because of work stress. 

  • Often you experience a lump in your throat, sweating, chest-pounding, shortness of breath. 

  • You do not feel in control of your environment. 

  • Workplace bullying is present. 

  • Microaggressions are constant. 

  • Stress is affecting your relationships

  • You have difficulty concentrating at work. 

  • Decreased job satisfaction.  

  • Developing clinical level of depression or anxiety 


Regardless of why you stop by, I am here to help you make sense of what is going on to set you on a healthier and more sustainable path that makes sense for your goals.  

Career Support for Adults in Houston, TX Is for You!

You may be used to the pattern you’re in. Maybe, you believe that nothing will change if you ask for help or believe nothing could help. The thought of starting a business, side hustle, or moving up in your career, is just a pipe dream. You believe this is just how life is supposed to be for you. Microaggressions, being overlooked, being spoken over, and not following your dreams. This may be the norm, but it does not have to be. Perhaps, you’re wondering “how Is therapy going to change the culture of my environment, actions, or boss?” Or you’re curious how therapy for women can empower you to take that business leap. However, I am here to tell you it can help reshape your perspective. 

In individual therapy, you will be able to weigh the pros and cons of staying in your environment whether that means quitting to find a better work culture, pursuing your new side hustle, or quitting your full-time job to pursue your passion full time. That is where career support for professionals and entrepreneurs can help assist you in figuring out what makes sense for your work-life balance.

Black woman smiling and writing | Beautiful black woman smiling | career support for professionals and entrepreneurs in houston, tx | career counseling for adults | individual therapy | therapy for women | business coaching | houston, tx 77027 | Dallas, TX 75226 | San Antonio 78201

This is How Optimistic Counseling Approaches Career Support for Professionals and Entrepreneurs 

In individual therapy, we will begin by evaluating the pros and cons. Whether that is for your current job, another job you are considering, going full-time in a business, or beginning a side hustle. We will work together to prepare you mentally and financially to move jobs, stay or go into business full time. If you are dealing with concerns we will talk through and potentially role play professionally approaching your boss/coworkers, etc. with your concerns. Or, if you are dealing with imposter syndrome, we will work to strategize how you can feel secure in your job description. If you struggle with saying no to more work, we will walk through being able to say no in a way that helps you to not feel guilty afterward. Lastly, if you are feeling like there is a target on your back at work, bullying, or microaggressions, we will work through this to see what makes sense for your mental health. 

In therapy for women, we may draw from many methods depending on what makes sense for you. These include motivational Interviewing, which helps people find the internal motivation to change their behavior. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which helps people accept their feelings without feeling guilty about them. During this process, you will learn to accept your thoughts, defuse anxiety related to issues you cannot control, and reframe your experience. And, CBT, this approach helps people to recognize their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This means that you will be able to recognize these thoughts that hold you back to reduce stress and achieve your goals. I would be honored to walk through this time with you in career counseling for adults in Houston, Texas today!

If you are just looking to be happy in your career choice, then individual therapy for working professionals is for you. 

In therapy, you will: ​

  • Develop clarity on the best career choice for you. 

  • Gain insight into what you can and cannot control in the workplace.  

  • Have an ability to maintain a sense of peace and calm until you figure out what makes sense. 

  • Understand what you are experiencing is real, even if your environment does not validate it. 


Ultimately, the goal is to walk away with healthy coping skills to work through stress rather than against it. You should be able to create a healthy workplace environment, either with your current employer, a different position at your current job, the same or new position at a new job, or focus on building your business full time. I would be thrilled to walk through this time of growth, development, and healing with you. 

Start Receiving Career Support for Entrepreneurs and Professionals Today! 

You just want to be happy in your career and feel in control and heard. That is reasonable. Whether you’re looking to branch out, change jobs, or enhance your work environment, collaborating with a therapist can help. Counseling can help you become more assertive and help you understand what you need to be supported in your career. In my Houston, TX therapy practice you will work with me, your online therapist. I specialize in working with professionals, and entrepreneurs navigating work balance and boundaries. To start your therapy journey, follow these simple steps: 


  1. Contact Optimistic Counseling 

  2. Meet with Kisha, your online therapist. 

  3. Begin a career that supports your goals and mental health journey. 

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