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Anxiety Can Look Like..

I'm an ambitious and professional person, who's passionate about finding success in my life. But sometimes I struggle to define what success looks like for me.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to meet everyone's expectations plus my own. Sometimes I find unhealthy ways to escape or create a sense of control. I'm at a place where I just want to take back control of my life".

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It is important to receive the best mental health care...

  • You know you need help, but you are so busy with your day-to-day tasks. 

  • The commute to a therapy office honestly is not worth it. 

  • Plus, you may wonder if you will get the same quality care online as you would in person. 


 As a high-functioning, high-achieving woman, I understand that taking time for yourself can feel selfish. It is hard not to think of every reason this may not work or recall all the tasks you have to do before focusing on yourself. That is why online therapy in Houston, TX is a wonderful way to gain better access to quality providers from anywhere in the state. 


Not everyone has the time to commute to an office for therapy and if you are in a big city, the lunch and after-work commute can make your evening even shorter. As working women, we are often focused on work, school, family, and about everything else. The last thing we need is a barrier to getting help with mental health services and support. That is why online therapy in Texas, is a great tool for individuals who want specialized mental health support from the comfort of their own space.  


If you are seeking mental health support in Dallas, Austin, Houston, or San Antonio, I am here for support. Likewise, if you are in a more rural area of Texas such as Lake Jackson, Richmond, Rosenburg, or Belton, TX I know how important it is to work with a specialist who understands your unique needs, which is why I am here to provide help for everyone.

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Reasons People are Unsure of Whether to Seek Online Therapy. 

Although there are many great benefits to online therapy, I understand that you may be concerned about beginning a session with a therapist. Some cons include: 


  • You may be concerned about confidentiality policies

  • People are unsure if insurance will cover costs. 

  • You may have never had a positive therapy experience, so you are curious how this will be different. 

  • Concerns over technology issues 

Benefits of Seeking Online Therapy in Texas 

Working with an online therapist has many great benefits for those looking for specific help. Some of these benefits include: 


  • Good for remote areas 

  • Allows better accessibility, especially for those with disabilities. 

  • It is COVID friendly 

  • You can attend from anywhere in the state. 

  • Receive specialized support that may not be available in your area.

Online Therapy and Confidentiality 

Beginning therapy in Houston, TX is a huge leap. I get that! That is why it is important to me that you feel safe and secure while we meet virtually. I use Simple Practice, LLC as my practice management software for scheduling, case management, and Telehealth/video counseling, and therapy notes. Simple Practice, LLC, uses HIPAA-compliant software so your information will be securely kept. This means that everything we discuss is between you and me. If you are worried about confidentiality, know that you are in a secure space. To ensure security, on your end, I recommend using earbuds and going to a secure location. Additionally, know that our appointments are never recorded. If you have additional questions, refer to my FAQ page, or contact me.  

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Online Therapy Services Offered at Optimistic Counseling 

Relationship Therapy for Singles 


Relationships are complicated whether you are new to the dating scene, or you have been married for a long time. However, communication and understanding your needs are important. You may have been hurt or are wondering what you are doing that makes relationships no longer sustainable. Or if you're working on yourself and need some guidance therapy is for you. 


As an online therapist, I have found that relationship therapy for singles is something we do not talk about often. There is no guidebook on how to get a relationship right every time, but we can at least discuss where you are and what you want so you can navigate healthy relationships. Start talking with me as your relationship therapist for singles today for guidance! 


Anxiety Treatment  


Sometimes people believe that beginning therapy is a sign of weakness or failure, but that is not the case. Knowing you need help is a sign of strength. You may be wondering how you got here, or why you cannot overcome this on your own. We are social beings, and we need people to get by. We all have diverse backgrounds which impact how we process different life events. Regardless of where you come from, anxiety can be difficult to overcome on your own. Anxiety often tells us lies such as we are not good enough. You are worthy and I am here to help you develop the necessary coping mechanisms to move forward. Begin online anxiety treatment in Houston, TX.  


Depression Treatment  


Often high achievers struggle to recognize when they are dealing with depression. The problem is we are so used to being on, that when we get burnout, it sneaks upon us and we fail to recognize what the issue is. If you are confused, drained, and feeling a bit lost and hopeless, talking with a depression therapist may help you. Online depression treatment in Houston, TX is a place where you can give a voice to what has been holding you back. I would be honored to help you break free.  


Career Support for Professionals 


Whether you are a working professional, an entrepreneur, you are working a side hustle, or you are in the corporate world, gaining career support can help you become unstuck from the same cycles you have been in. Often, we are afraid to speak up and step outside our bubble, which means that we miss opportunities to take on new promotions and business opportunities. If you are struggling to reach your full potential, then contact me. We will restructure your perspective and figure out if it is time to speak up or move on to new opportunities. Start receiving specialized career support for professionals

Start Receiving the Specialized Support You Need in Online Therapy in Texas 

Regardless of what brings you to therapy, I am here to provide a space for you. You are worthy of being heard. Whether you are dealing with relationship complications, anxiety, depression, or need career support, I can help in my Houston, TX therapy practice. You will work with me, your online therapist. To start your therapy journey, follow these simple steps:  


  1. Contact Optimistic Counseling  

  2. Meet with Kisha, your online therapist.  

  3. Start growing and get back in touch with who you are with therapy for women! 

Other Therapy Services Optimistic Counseling in Houston, TX Offers: 

At my online therapy practice in Texas, Optimistic Counseling offers: 

Get in touch for support or if you have additional questions! 

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