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FAQ About Counseling and Rates

Free Consultation

Beautiful Hispanic woman | online therapy in Texas | online therapist in Texas | online anxiety treatment | online depression treatment | counseling practice near me | A free consultation is conducted via online therapy in Texas only. You will receive an appointment confirmation email once your consultation request is accepted. If you are unable to attend your free consultation, please make sure you cancel at least 24 hours beforehand. You may cancel via the client portal link you received in your initial appointment confirmation email; you may also call, text, or email to cancel.

Otherwise, you will be charged a non-refundable $75 no show fee. Your card information is required at the time of scheduling a consultation to cover the cost of the no show fee.

Cancelling your consultation at least 24 hours before your scheduled consultation, gives me a chance to contact the people who may have wanted a free consultation this week but couldn’t get in.

Please complete your documents through the client portal link included in the initial email at least 24 hours before our consultation. This gives me a chance to review and processed your info prior to us meeting. That way, we can spend our time focused on getting to know each other instead of the boring paperwork.

If you do not complete your online intake documentation at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled consultation, your consultation will be canceled. But you’re free to reschedule your consultation at any time. Only online therapy in Texas is offered.

Therapy Fees

$160 per session. You can schedule your counseling session for either in person or via online therapy in Texas. Do you accept insurance?
I do not accept insurance. In my practice, therapy is dictated by the client and the clinician, not by the insurance company. That means we get to bypass health insurance restrictions and practice individualized services that meet your specific needs. By keeping my practice small and intimate, you don’t get lost in the shuffle.
This is important because it means I'm not overworked and I'm modeling the work/life balance; not just preaching it. I have the mental and physical energy to always go the extra mile for you. Whether you’re the first appointment of the day or the last, you’ll get 100% from me as your online therapist.
I accept credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), FSA (Flex Savings Account) and HSA (Health Savings Account) accounts. Payment is due at the time of each session and your card will be kept on file for easy payment acceptance. I accept clients from Lyra Health EAP & SonderMind

Online Therapy in Texas

Only online therapy is offered What equipment do I need? To participate in online therapy appointments from your home, you will need one of the following devices: Desktop computer with a webcam, speakers, a 2.5 GHz processor, and 4 GB of RAM Laptop computer with built-in webcam and speakers, a 2.5 GHz processor, and 4 GB of RAM Tablet device with built-in webcam and speakers Smartphone with at least iOS 11 or Android 7.0 (Note: To use a smartphone, you must first download Telehealth by SimplePractice - available for iOS or Android in the app store.) You will also need an internet connection that is at least 0.35 mbps. For optimal results, a reliable, high-speed internet connection with a bandwidth of at least 10-15 mbps will minimize connection issues and provide the best quality. The day of the call: Using a smartphone or tablet If you plan to use a mobile device, here are the steps to join: • Download Telehealth by SimplePractice (for iOS or Android) in the app store. About 10 minutes before your appointment, you should receive an email appointment reminder. • Open the reminder email on your device and click the unique link. This will open the Telehealth by SimplePractice app. • If you don't have the app downloaded, you will be prompted to download it on your tablet or mobile device • If I have already joined the call, you will see my face on the screen. If I have not, you will see yourself. • When you are ready, click Join Video Call. This will take you straight into the video call. Note: There may be a slight delay for me to join the appointment if I am finishing with a previous appointment. Please be patient and I will join momentarily. Using a desktop or laptop computer: If you plan to use a desktop or laptop, there is nothing to download prior to your appointment. Here are the steps to join: About 10 minutes before your appointment, you'll receive an email appointment reminder with the link to join your call. Please note that the link to join the video counseling call will only be in your email reminder and not in your text reminder. If you're set up to receive text reminders, the exact time you receive your text reminder may vary based on your cell phone carrier. Note: (If you have already consented to receiving text and/or email reminders, you will continue to receive them for video counseling appointments as well. If you're a new client, make sure that you've provided your email and or mobile phone number so that I can enable email or text appointment reminders for you.) Click the unique link embedded in the email reminder. You may have to copy and paste the link into your web browser if clicking the link does not work. Your video call screen will now open in a new tab. If I have already joined the call, you will see my face on the screen. If I have not, you will see yourself. You will also see the Welcome prompt. Click Test internet connection to test your internet speed. When you are ready, type your name where it says Enter your name to join, and click Join Video Call. This will take you straight into the video call.
FAQs: 1. What should I do if I didn’t get the reminder with the link? Contact me if you did not get the link so I can send it to you via email or secure messaging. 2. What is SimplePractice? SimplePractice, LLC is my practice management software for scheduling, case management, and Telehealth/video counseling, and therapy notes. SimplePractice, LLC, uses a HIPAA compliant software so your information will be securely kept. 3. What can I do to improve the quality of the connection? If you live in an area with slow internet, this can really affect the speed of your connection. Here are some basic steps that can improve the overall quality: Use wired Ethernet instead of wifi whenever possible. Wifi will work, but you may experience a lag and interference, which can make your video and audio choppy. If you experience a lag or interference while using Wifi, we recommend moving closer to your router. However, wired internet will give you a much smoother, more consistent experience. Test your internet connection speed. Use the SimplePractice Internet Connection Test to make sure your device is set up for successful connection and audio/video quality. Close other programs. If you have several programs running in the background, closing them will almost certainly improve the quality. Also, make sure you’re not downloading any large files. Turn off your video stream. When your video is turned on, there's more strain on your internet connection which may impact the audio quality during a Telehealth session. If your audio becomes choppy, your connection may not be strong enough to support a live video stream. Turning off your camera may help to improve the audio quality of the call. If you are unable to connect, please contact me as soon as possible to see if I can help you troubleshoot. 4. How should I prepare my space for online therapy appointments? • Identify a suitable room that is quiet, private, where you can be alone, and that’s free of distractions. • To keep background noise to a minimum, make sure to close any doors, shut windows, turn off the television, and keep loud pets, children, etc. in another room if possible. Consider hanging a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door to avoid interruptions. • Use earphones to minimize audio interferences. • Use a smartphone/tablet holder to secure the smartphone/tablet during the session. • Put your phone on Do Not Disturb mode during the session. 5. Is video counseling private? Just like a face-to-face appointment, your video counseling visit will be private and confidential. 6. Will the appointments be recorded? None of our appointments will ever be recorded or stored. 7. What if my microphone and webcam aren't working? When you click on your online therapy in Houston, TX counseling appointment link, make sure to click Allow to enable your webcam and microphone to work with counseling. If you don't see this option, click Reload the page.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend your session, please make sure you cancel at least 24 hours beforehand. Otherwise, you will be charged for the full rate of the session, $160, which is non-refundable. You may cancel via the client portal link you received in your initial appointment confirmation email; you may also call, text, or email to cancel. Card information is required at the time of scheduling you online therapy session in Houston, TX or anywhere in Texas session to cover the no show cancellation fee. But you're free to reschedule your counseling session at any time.

Out-Of-Network Benefits

If your insurance plan has out-of-network benefits, you can see any licensed therapist Happy black women laughing | online therapy in Texas | online therapy in Texas | counseling practice in houston, TX | online anxiety treatment | how long does therapy take| you'd like. Your insurance plan will reimburse you a percentage (around 60-90%), after you meet your deductable. I can give you a form called a superbill to submit to your health insurance company. You can call your insurance company and submit the superbill yourself or you can contact Better, a HIPAA compliant service that submits superbills to your insurance provider on your behalf. Better's fee is 10% of whatever money you receive from your health in surance company. If you don’t get a reimbursement, then Better won’t charge you

Financial Instability

group of woman smiling together | online therapy in Texas | online therapist | online anxiety treatment | online depression treatment | do you accept insurance | If you’re facing financial instability but really want online therapy in Texas, then check out Open Path Collective. Open Path Psychotherapy Collective is a non-profit nationwide network of online therapists dedicated to providing in-office mental health care—at a steeply reduced rate—to individuals, couples, children, and families in need.

How Long Does Therapy Take?

The simple answer is that there is no simple answer. Each person and every circumstance is different. Some people already feel much better after a few sessions, while others might need treatment for several months. Your goals for online therapy, symptoms, and the history of those symptoms will all determine the length of therapy. However, just the beginning of talking about these things can bring a sense of relief. After our free consultation, if you feel that we’re a good fit, as a new client, I recommend starting within 2 weeks of our consultation, at least 2 to 4 times a month. We can then evaluate how therapy is coming along, and see if we would need to move to every other week. Many clients choose to come in weekly until they believe they are feeling significant relief of symptoms and/or real change is occurring. Consistency is key. If there are too many gaps between sessions, it can feel like you are starting over again each time and the gains and momentum can be lost. ​ ​

Begin Online Therapy in Houston, TX

Starting therapy at Optimistic Counseling shouldn't be an added stressor on your life. That's why I am here to make the process clear and easy as we begin to work on your mental health. As your online therapist, in Houston, TX, I am here to help. Together we will begin to understand what may be holding you back and find ways to help you move forward. When you're ready to gain confidence and own who you are, I am here to help with online therapy in Texas. To begin your journey, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Optimistic Counseling
  2. Meet with Kisha, your online therapist
  3. Start thriving and living life on your terms!

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